• Are you a fiduciary?

    We are licensed Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) and as such, have a fiduciary duty to all of our clients to act in the utmost good faith, in a manner we reasonably believe to be in the best interest of our clients. We value the legislation put forth by federal law, the SEC, as well as state authorities, to provide the highest level of service to our customers under the fiduciary standard.

  • How does your firm approach working with a new client?

    We understand that everyone’s needs are different and thus, everyone’s solution will be different.  We start by getting to know you, your goals, needs, and priorities.  We then research, analyze, and design a plan customized for you and your family.  Once implemented, we then continue to monitor and service your plan to accomplish your goals.  Your relationship and success will always be our top priority.

  • Do you have a minimum portfolio size or minimum fee?

    To become a client of Kusak Wealth Management, we require a minimum of $250,000 in investable assets per household or family.  We use a “Tiered Fee Schedule” starting at a 1% annual management fee that decreases according to assets under management.  Additional service fees may be required depending on the complexity of the plan and/or for investable assets under $250,000.  All fees are discussed and disclosed prior to plan implementation.

  • Do you charge for an initial meeting & what do I bring with me?

    We do not charge for an initial consultation. When you come in for your first meeting, we’ll ask you to bring your latest financial statements and a current tax return. We’ll review this information and discuss financial goals, income sources, retirement plan contributions and balances, financial and real estate assets, insurance coverage, mortgages, other debts, and estate planning documents.