Goals Review

We start and end with your goals and dreams. Regular communication is the key to ensuring that those are met. Together, we will determine the frequency of our reviews — quarterly, semi-annually, or annually — to ensure you know exactly when and how often we will meet. As such, our firm will reach out to you to schedule reviews of your current situation and any life changes that may have occurred. These reviews can be in the form of an in-person meeting or phone call and will focus on life events that may have altered your needs. If in the meantime, a major life event has occurred, we urge you to reach out to our firm, as we are committed to helping all of our clients remain on track to reach their financial goals. Major life events could include:

  • Change in marital status
  • Retirement
  • Purchase of a home
  • Death of a family member or friend
  • Birth of a child
  • Natural disasters
  • Change of occupation or job
  • National Emergencies
  • College for children/grandchildren
  • Inheritance